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Alexandre Hopare Monteiro - Modern Artist 

“L’amour, le partage, une conscience globale du monde sans tomber dans les clichés. Être un vecteur de connaissances et de joies, de questions, et essayer de donner autant que je reçois des autres dans mon travail : l’autre est mon moteur.”

“Love, sharing, a global consciousness of the world without falling into stereotype. Being a vector of knowledge, joy, questions and trying to give back as much as I receive from others through my work: the other is my motto.”

At aged 29, Alexandre Monteiro (alias Hopare) is already a prominent figure of the French Street art and even of the contemporary French art scene in general. His art mixes spontaneity and diversity. Starting as a graffiti artist, Alex has no limits nowadays of which medium to use, or even the technique he uses as witnesses his capacity of producing oil on canvas as well as sculpture or even giant street art frescoes. 

He works on various mediums depending on his envy and inspirations. As per his creative process, he does not have any strict calculation: Hopare is an artist of the instant that realises his art works with freestyle without having a precise model established prior to his creations.

Each project is a way to develop his own aesthetic and natural vocabulary, made of lines, intertwining colours, perspectives and sketches or even geometrics and abstracts curves. He has created his own identity, without renouncing of the influences others had on him such as his teachers: artists from street art, paintings or interior designers.

Profoundly eternal globe-trotter, Hopare creates his art like a travel notebook where each piece is referring to a meeting, a place or a particular event. Each work is a way to serve humanity and to transport the spectator : he nourishes his creativity and imagination by travelling the world to offer to us a singular and intense representation of our universe where mixes abstraction, idealisation, aestheticism and speech.

Thus, the artist attached himself to create bridgeway between times, people and cultures. The art that he defends is the one of evolution, changes, passing and the eternal quest of search. He is always interested in new and future development and he is inspired by learning from others, previous generations and the ones of now. His young age does not stop him from having various experiences, you can seem him in the corner of a street in the centre of Paris, on a wall in Atlanta, in a group show at the Seoul MoMA and so on.



2019 Vente Prestige Artcurial mai 2019, Paris, France 2019 Réalisation d’une fresque de plus de

1000m2 pour le Superbowl à Atlanta,

États-Unis d’Amérique

2019 Exposition au gMoMa Séoul,

Corée du Sud


2018 Projet pour le MoMa Gyeonggi, Corée du Sud

2018 Mur d’entrée du Temple du Dalaï Lama, McLeod Ganj, Tibet


2017 Solo Show, exposition «Human », Galerie 42B Paris, France

2017 Exposition collective, Galerie Avenue des arts, Los Angeles, États-Unis d’Amérique

2017 On the Roc Festival, Villars-Fontaine, Bourgogne, France

2017 Nuit blanche, Galerie 42b, Paris, France


2016 Underground effect, La Défense Paris, France

2016 Façade du MoMa Gyeonggi, Corée du Sud

2016 Killart Festival, Bogota, Colombie

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